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I'm just your average teen, who has an open mind and is very imaginative. I think beyond the possibilities. I wonder, I wish, and all I can do is hope. I love writing about my ideas, my thoughts, my dramatic moments. This is where I will tell my stories.

Tea – Hot or Cold?

Tea is a very popular drink in the world, that is made different ways in different places. It’s even called different things! I happen to be a huge tea drinker, and to be honest, I love mine hot rather than … Continue reading

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A Gamer With One Game – Too Much?

 Okay, so I have a confession to make. I am a huge gamer that plays one game way too much. I’m a huge Resident Evil fan (or, known in other places as Biohazard). I’ve been a fan since I began … Continue reading

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Friends, Success, and Graduation

I remember the intense feeling of relief and sadness that filled that gymnasium. Everyone screamed and cheered as the hats came off our heads and into the air. We did it, we really did it! We all made it to … Continue reading

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