Tea – Hot or Cold?

Tea is a very popular drink in the world, that is made different ways in different places. It’s even called different things! I happen to be a huge tea drinker, and to be honest, I love mine hot rather than cold.Tea (like coffee) is a wonderful thing to drink while writing. I love sitting at the table, with a glass of tea next to me as I write. Coffee may do wonders as well, but it is mainly used for those writers who wish to stay up all night.

Tea Around the World

I happened to visit teaaroundtheworld.com and I gathered some interesting information. I found out that in 1901, each person was drinking approx. six pounds of tea every year and Britain was consuming 60% of the world’s tea supply. It’s quite amazing, don’t you think? Well, I happen to know for a fact that tea is very popular in Britain. Which is one of the reasons I will fit perfectly there when I travel to London one day.

Have you ever heard the term “Afternoon Tea”? Well, this event is rather popular amongst the middle and upper classes in Britain. They would drink their tea, as well as nibble on scones, sandwiches and other snacks.

Enough with Britain though, tea is very popular amongst the Asian societies. Such as: Japan, Korea, Tibet and China. Green tea is enjoyed in Japan. I happen to be a fan of green tea as well, and this beverage does wonders medical wise. Trust me, I know.

A lot of places choose to drink their tea hot, rather than cold – as you see mostly in America. In America, you will see a lot of people throwing several cubes of ice into their glass of tea before sitting out poolside as the suns rays shine down upon them. It seems as though tea had suddenly replaced the need of lemonade – and I’m definitely not a fan of this tangy and sour beverage. Though, you may see more teenagers and adults turning to tea, while the little ones stick to the sourness of lemonade. Now-a-days, you’ll also notice the merge in lemonade and tea. Here lately, you see tea makers, such as Lipton, mixing the taste of both. I’ve tried this refreshing drink, and it reminded me of how some restaurants will place a lemon slice on the side of your glass of tea and the lemony taste will find its way to the tea. I’m not a big fan of the mixture, but I definitely think it’s better than drinking lemonade on it’s own.

Tea is very popular around the world. People drink it different ways, put different things in it, and have different moments of the day to drink it. It’s quite funny how other countries are more proper and organized about their tea, while the Americans over here are drinking it left and right. We don’t need a special time!


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I'm just your average teen, who has an open mind and is very imaginative. I think beyond the possibilities. I wonder, I wish, and all I can do is hope. I love writing about my ideas, my thoughts, my dramatic moments. This is where I will tell my stories.
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