Friends, Success, and Graduation

I remember the intense feeling of relief and sadness that filled that gymnasium. Everyone screamed and cheered as the hats came off our heads and into the air. We did it, we really did it! We all made it to the end of high school. College, jobs and a life stands before us as we step off the path of youth and onto the path of adulthood.

“Education is key to the golden door of freedom.” -George Washington Carver

Friends. While in high school, there is only one way you can truly survive, and that is to – make a friend. I would’ve never made it in school if I hadn’t had those friends that I shared such memorable moments with that is completely unforgettable. Friends are such a wonderful thing to have and share.

Success. After high school is over, there is only one thing left to do. You must look forward and find that path to success. Many may go to college while others may find a job, either way – they are all successful in my eyes. 

Following these steps in life will only get you a better life ahead. Follow your dreams and your heart and you will be sure to get there fast.


About purpleyes93

I'm just your average teen, who has an open mind and is very imaginative. I think beyond the possibilities. I wonder, I wish, and all I can do is hope. I love writing about my ideas, my thoughts, my dramatic moments. This is where I will tell my stories.
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